Be careful with this fruit.

A lady in Kunming China bought 2 kilo of yang-mei (can be bought in
Singapore when in season) from a fruit vendor who informed her they are
freshly picked.

After returning home, she put a portion of the fruit in a bowl of salt

water and let it soaked while she watched TV. Some time later, she
checked the fruit and was suprised to see something wriggling in the
bowl of water.

She felt suspicious and decide to experiment by soaking the brightly red
unsoaked ones with various level of salted water.

In the least salted water, after soaking for 3 mins she discovered 7
white worms desperately wiggled its way to the rim of the bowl to avoid
the salt water.

Then she soaked the same fruit in a bowl of saltier water, and after 3
mins she discovered 5 more worms emerging from the fruit.

Finally she tried the saltiest water and no more worm emerged. And she
also noticed the fruit has turned from bright red to patches of white.

Now she realised that whenever she ate this type of fruit she'll always
ended up with tummy upset.

Thus as a precaution, always rinse in salted water thrice before
consuming this kind of fruit (probably apply to any skinless fruits).

Bon Appetite!
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